Trailer Tracking

The unique myTOW trailer tracking solution is arguably the best of its kind. Its advanced charge management system allows you to track your trailer the same as you would your powered vehicles. No longer do you need to simply accept scheduled locations that can be up to 1, 2, 6, 12 or 24 hours old, the myTOW tracking system will give you the location every 30 seconds or change of direction as low as 15 degrees. This is a true tailer tracking unit.

Whether you are a company that owns the trailers and use sub contract operators to tow them, or a trailer hire company, the benefits of this tracking solution can make a world of difference. The benefits achieved with this tracking solution are:

  • Improved visibility for security and to guard against theft of asset.
  • The virtual odometer function allows for trailer hire companies to charge for excess kilometres and to better plan maintenance.
  • The ability of being able to track the trailer allows the prime contract to ensure that the laws are not being breached by the sub contractor. This is a pro-active step toward better compliance.
  • The speed later function will record if your asset is being towed contrary to the posted speed limits. How many times have you received a camera charge, only to hear the same old story… 'I was not speeding'….'They made a mistake'. Now you will be able to substantiate the facts.