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Our People

Our people have been handpicked to ensure they meet the high standards that we set for our company. To join THE NET, our people have shown that they are primarily customer focussed, and secondly that they understand what motivates a client to build a long term relationship with a supplier. Quality, Service & Value for money.


We chose to base our manufacturing & customer service operations in the Gateshead (Lake Macquarie region). This offers us access to the strong manufacturing hub that Newcastle has to offer and access to a diverse staff pool for our future growth plans. Our Senior Management, sales staff and installation contractor are Sydney based, which allows us quick access to our clients when needed. Future plans will see us opening sales/installation offices in Melbourne and Brisbane.

Industry Knowledge

Our Executive Management Team have each enjoyed successful careers in their chosen fields. Our first hand knowledge of the Transport Industry is one of the key factors that has afforded the ability to design solutions that are not easily found with any competitor. We understand what the industry needs, as well as the quality and affordability factors that come in to play when making the decision to implement systems and allocate capital.

Product Design and Testing

With the closure of the Telstra 2G GSM Network fast approaching (by December 2016), all our chosen products are compliant with a minimum of 3G. Both myTRAX and Teltonika, available in our store, are Next G compliant which, ensures that they will both work well in country areas as well as the city. We chose Garmin as our PND supplier based on Quality and affordability. Being a Garmin Authorised Partner allows us access to the exciting Android based systems (660/670 units). Our IT team are busy designing, developing and testing Apps that will allow us to harness the benefits of coupling the Garmin units with the myTRAX unit. Once completed, the Apps will allow us to fully integrate our compliance solutions as a single platform.


Though we offer a base range of products and packages in our store, we are also able to work with major clients to develop tailor made packages that better cater for their needs. Our understanding of the Transport Industry, Chain of Responsibility (CoR), National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme (NHVAS), Electronic Work Diary (EWD) and a Best Practices approach for the operators, allows us to easily identify what will and will not work. Talk to us….. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Our GPS Solutions



myTRAX allows us to offer a full in-vehicle monitoring solution, with NextG communication ability.

It also offers key features such as:

Garmin PND, Driver ID, Termperature Monitoring, Tamper Resistance, OBDII Decoder, 5 Operating Scenarios, to mention a few.

Teltonika - FM3300


This compact design offers NextG communication ability coupled with a very compact design that is easy to install in a vehicle away from prying eyes.



Arguably one of the best Android apps available in today's market that allows you to turn your android device into a GPS tracking unit.

This app is extremely useful to monitor your fleet, without the extra expense of buying and installing any GPS Hardware.

This app works seamlessly with our online tracking solution, offering the same experience that is achieved with other GPS Hardware.

THE NET - Tracking Software


The best the market has to offer. This advanced solution currently allows us to track more than 750 different types of GPS Hardware and GPS apps. This unique characteristic allows clients to use a single tracking solution for all their Tracking needs, no matter who the hardware provider is.