Metro Fleet Productivity

Using our GPS tracking solutions you will be able to work smarter and eliminate inefficiencies. GPS tracking will allow you to add more jobs to every driver each workday.

Increasing productivity is achieved with our GPS tracking solution by:

  • Increasing visibility of your fleet, allowing for fast and accurate decisions that result in saving time, asset and labour costs.
  • Improving routing efficiencies and being able to deploy the nearest vehicle to a job or site.
  • Being more proactive to reduce downtimes and idle times of vehicles to accomplish more jobs in a day.
  • Making it easier for office staff by running reports and streamlining the workload
  • An added benefit of GPS Tracking is employees who are aware that their employer can see their location become more productive.
  • Optimising vehicle usage to efficiently complete more jobs in the same amount of time.
  • Reducing communication costs and wasted time by not having to call drivers to know their whereabouts.
  • Reduce capital expenditure when using our Tracking App in your current Android devices.

Added Benefits

  • When GPS tracking is installed in company vehicles productivity generally increases as drivers become aware that their time and location can be monitored.
  • Drivers with bad habits can be more easily spotted and retrained to become more productive.