Linehaul Operations

Our offering of GPS Hardware solution allows you access to affordable assets that not only offer value for money, it will assist you with your compliance needs. Our range of GPS Tracking hardware has been designed by people from the Transport Industry and has been assembled and tested in Australia. These key factors give you the assurance that they are suitable for Australian Transport Industry and the quality assurance levels adopted during assembly and testing can only be gained in Australia. All components are from international technology leaders.

Increasing awareness and developing a Pro-Active approach to equipment and staff management is achieved with our GPS tracking solution by:

Increasing visibility of your linehaul fleet, allowing for fast and accurate decisions that result in improved safety, improved longevity of equipment life, reduced running costs and happy customers.

  • All GPS hardware offered come with the added advantage of Virtual Odometers. A Virtual Odometer is achieved by taking a location fix every second and at the time of signalling the firmware adds all measurements between each location point and sends it to the server. This formula is more accurate than using the vehicle's odometer, which is based on flawed calculation (Tyre Circumference X revolutions) to gain distance travelled. Tyre wear, inflation and road conditions impact on this inaccurate equation.
  • Improved scheduled service management and planned repairs are achieved with our online maintenance module. This will remind you when services are due and prompt you when things are overdue.
  • Improved visibility of your fleet in transit. No need to work out who the driver is, find his phone number, then chance distracting him just to find out 'Where are you?'. Our online tracking will allow you to know where your entire fleet is 24/7. The visibility is also beneficial when carrying high value cargo that must be monitored.
  • The ability of being able to track the trailer allows the prime contract to ensure that the sub contractor is not breaching the law. This is a pro-active step toward better compliance.
  • The speed later function will record if your asset is being towed contrary to the posted speed limits. How many times have you received a camera charge, only to hear the same old story?… 'I was not speeding'….'They made a mistake'. Now you will be able to substantiate the facts.