Compliance Management

Under the Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation, all members of the supply chain are exposed to prosecution under the law if the authorities identify major breaches. To help combat this exposure, ROAD to SAFETY has developed an initial offering of 2 compliance software packages…. Manage Equipment (ME) and Manage Fatigue (MF). Both allow you to implement a pro-active and best practices approach to managing these important areas.

In the near future, the 2 software packages will be added to THE NET's online tracking solution, with the end goal of development of the ROAD to SAFETY e-CoR compliance system.

All clients that use THE NET's tracking systems will be offered access to this exciting development as it unfolds. The end solution will be Government certified.

We also sell the full range of Fleet Logic Compliance products, which include:

  • Pre-Departure Check books
  • Fault Report books
  • Trailer Document containers
  • In-Vehicle Document cases

The above products from ROAD to SAFETY and Fleet logic can be found in our store, with more products being added as they are released from development and testing.