GPS Tracking Hardware Units


THE NET offers a competitive selection of GPS Tracking Hardware & Garmin Units. Our range of GPS Tracking Hardware solutions includes:

  • Asset Tracking Hardware
  • Car Tracking Hardware
  • Truck Tracking Hardware
  • Trailer Tracking Hardware
  • Fleet Tracking Hardware
  • Android Tracking Apps
  • Garmin PND Hardware

Our GPS Tracking Hardware Units have undergone rigorous testing and redevelopment to ensure they operate well with the Australian Telecommunications Systems. To operate in our vast country, each tracking unit has to display its ability to work with the Telstra 3G and Next networks, as well as offering data logging (Black Box) capability for black spot areas.

We feel that there are many overpriced GPS Tracking Hardware Units available in Australia, from various suppliers that do not personally test their products. We guarantee that we personally test each unit type for a minimum of 6 months before releasing them to the public.

We are certain that our prices are extremely competitive with other Australian GPS Tracking Hardware suppliers. Unlike overseas suppliers that only sell units on the web, we are Australian owned and operated. That means we are here to stand behind the products that we sell. Be careful when selecting a GPS supplier, as most still promote the 2G GSM units, which will no longer work once the network is shut down in 2016.

We have developed our own Self Powered Trailer Tracker that allows for live tracking instead of just offering a position beacon at set time or distance intervals. Our units will signal each time the heading of the trailer alters by 15 degree or more, allowing live tracking of your fleet, or track and trace if your valuable asset is stolen.

Please feel free to visit our online store and browse the GPS Tracking Hardware we offer. You will see for yourself that these units offer exceptional value for money.